Keeping COOL this Summer will be a BREEZE!

Our professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair many components in your air conditioning system including the A/C compressor, condenser, blower motor, relays, cooling fans and more! Our A/C QUICK CHECK is designed to quickly determine whether additional diagnostic recommendations are needed or if a simple refrigerant charge will do the trick.


Auto A/C Quick Check includes:


When it’s summer and a sweltering 95 degrees outside, you walk to your car, open the door to be hit with heat so intense... it must be at least 25 degrees hotter than it is outside. You turn on the ignition, immediately roll down your windows, crank the air conditioning to its highest setting and you wait for your car to cool down… but it doesn’t. Hot or warm air is blowing from your air conditioning vents and your car isn’t getting cooler.


Why Suffer the Heat?...

...When You Can Enjoy the Drive!

Get Your Auto A/C Quick Check Now!

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Need an Express Oil Change?... We Do That Too!

  • Visual inspection of air conditioner components by a professional technician

  • Outlet temperature analysis designed to determine cooling performance

  • Recommendations of correct diagnostic service to troubleshoot area(s) of concern

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